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Company introduction
Bloomden Bioceramics starts with the production of the highest quality dental zirconia blocks in the market for nearly 10 years. Today Bloomden has continuously introduced advanced manufacturing technology and procedure from home and abroad. Utilizing the latest technology, the medical level fine zirconium powder and most experienced engineering team, our comprehensive high strength and translucent zirconia blocks have quickly innovative to be admired and used by lab technicians from all over the world. Headquartered in Changsha, products are shipped from here to worldwide. Bloomden will play many subsidiaries offices globally.
Bloomzir® 3D Pro multilayer zirconia block is achieved with technology that the cubic phase inside to reduce light birefringence to any kind of tetragonal zirconia polycrystals stabilized and translucency can be increased.
We have many owners of milling centers and dental labs around the world, Bloomzir® SHT can be best choice for the fast deliver, with very competitive profitability, a real balance of translucency 47% and strength 1000MPa.
  • Bloomzir Ultra Translucent Multilayer UTML is made of ultra tranclucent zirconium oxide (with 49% light transmittance), that guarantees natural tooth looking. With extreme flexural strength( 650Mpa).
  • 3D Pro Multi Layered Zirconia is focused on multilayer ceramic restorations with Bloomden fabrications on esthetic dentistry. The innovative multi layered technology offering the best possible solution that meets the full arch requirements of the individual clinical esthetic expectation.​
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