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Q: How does bonding affect a zirconia restoration?

  • A: Bonding of zirconia-based restorations can improve retention when additional strength is needed. Use self-adhesive resin cements or bonded resin cements.

Q: What type of bonding material should be used with zirconia…

  • A: Self-adhesive resin cements and bonded resin cements bond well to both tooth structure and zirconia when increased retention is desired. Zirconia can be treated with special primers (Clearfil Ceramic Primer, Kuraray America; Metal-Zirconia Primer, Ivoc

Q: How does blasting or grinding affect the zirconia?

  • A: Sand blasting improves the bond strength of resin cements to the intaglio surface of zirconia-based restorations as does grinding. However, excessive grinding can cause a crystalline transformation of zirconia that can compromise its strength. Water sp

Q: What blasting or grinding procedures are recommended for z…

  • A: Sandblast the intaglio surfaces with 50-micron aluminum oxide at no more than 30 psi. Grinding should be done with fine or extra-fine diamonds with only light pressure on the area being adjusted and only for a short period of time. Water spray is recom

Q: What is a typical fracture rate in zirconia restorations?

  • A: An typical rate of fracture of zirconia-based restorations is 1 to 2% per year of service.

Q: How many unsupported elements (pontics) can you put side b…

  • A: Maximum span length is typically 88 mm.

Q: Do different zirconia products have different CTEs?

  • A: Yes, there are variations in coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) among zirconia products as well as among overlay porcelains. Compatible systems must be used.

Q: How strong is a zirconia-based restoration when the substr…

  • A: Zirconia is stiff. Because it does not bend easily, it helps the weaker overlaid porcelain resist fracture.

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