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Zirconium dioxide Super Translucent Plus Multilayer

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Super Translucent Plus Multilayer (ST-Plus ML)
Bloomzir® Super High Translucent Multilayer ST-Plus ML is manufactured with high strength 900MPa and 46% translucency.
46% Translucent
900 (±100)MPa
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    ST-Plus ML
    Other Oxides<0.15%


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Without high cost, we have already developed Bloomzir® Super High Translucent Multilayer ST-Plus ML manufacturing business and experience the completely different performance ——high strength, non-metallic color, non-toxic.             

Product description:

Colour :          VITA® 5 shades and Bleach 4 shades available

Multilayer:      4 levels heavily pressing

Translucency: 46%

Strength:        900MPa 

Application:    suitable for crown and bridge.


Bloomzir® Super Translucent Multilayer ST-Plus ML Shade Range: VITA®  5 shades + 4 bleach shades:


Bloomzir® Super Translucent Multilayer ST-Plus ML sintering illurstration:

1. Room temperature to 900°C (1652°F),  5°C/min, approximately by 180mins.

2. 900°C (1652°F) to 1530°C (2786°F), 8°C/min, approximately by 60mins.

3. Holding 1530°C (2786°F) for 120mins. 

4. Dropping from 1530°C (2786°F) to 900°C (1652°F), 5°C/min, approximately by 120mins.

5. Natural cooling

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