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Bloomden family joined "the Six Endevors" training

The Six Endeavors are basic principles that Inamori San identifies as essential in managing business and living a wonderful life. He believes that anyone who chooses to live by these principles can enjoy a wonderful life.

Training course No. 1:  Strive Harder than Anyone Else

It is the law of nature that all efforts must be exerted toward survival. This law applies to everything from wildflowers and animals to all of us as well.


Training course No. 2: Remain Humble

It may sometimes appear that the only people who succeed are those who step on others to get ahead, but this is not true. As shown by proverbs from around the world that emphasize the importance of humility, truly successful people are those who remain humble.


Training course No. 3: Reflect Daily

Both good and bad attitudes exist within all of us. A good mind is unselfish and altruistic; a bad mind is self-centered. If you make an effort to always think good thoughts and do good deeds, your life will change for the better.


Training course No. 4: Appreciate Life

Humans cannot survive alone. We owe our existence to the air, water, food, family, colleagues, and all of society. We are supported by everything that surrounds us. If we think of life in this way, we will naturally be filled with gratitude for being alive.


Training course No. 5: Do Good Deeds and Serve Others Unendingly

The Law of Cause and Effect exists in this world. If you accumulate good deeds, you will be rewarded in life. Altruistic practices fall into the category of good deeds. What's important in life is thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds.


Training course No. 6: Don't Dwell on the Past

Everybody faces failure and makes mistakes in life. This is how we grow. The important thing is to reflect upon your failures so you can avoid repeating them.


such training courses can make us living a wonderful life and improve our work essential leadership qualities, as well as Elevating our mind and expand our business accomplish with new goals!